The New Standard in Sustainability

The unique product line by Ceranex combines the advantages of wood, fibre cement and plastic. Using the fibre component of plants and a geopolymer, an unparalleled façade cladding product has been developed with an extremely unique combination of properties.

100% Recyclable
• Only natural raw materials
• No oil related or chemical additives

Extremely Long Life
• Water stable (no shrinkage or expansion)
• Weatherproof, rot proof
• Colour-fast

Easy to Use and Install
• Can be worked with like wood

• No silica
• Acid environment resistant
   and non-corrosive on metals

• Extremely fire resistant
• 100% recycling & durable

Ceranex is an entirely new building material

Ceranex combines the desired attributes of mineral products like fire resistance and compression strength, with the best characteristics of composite wood products having flexural or bending capabilities.


Ceranex Smooth White

Ceranex Slate Tile

Ceranex Black

Ceranex Green

Ceranex façade cladding consists for 90% of fibres from plants. During the production process the fibres petrify to ceramic.

Ceranex is 100% ecological which we satisfy at 3 levels:

1) Energy Efficient: the production process has extremely low energy requirements.

2) Recyclable: all Ceranex products are completely recycled as raw material.

3) Low Maintenance: all Ceranex ­products require low ­maintenance.

Ceranex is Extremely Fireproof

We have carried out various tests.
Our tests have established that Ceranex does not catch flame at temperatures as high as 1200 degrees.

Ceranex Sidings

Our façade cladding products are available as planks and tiles, in a variety of colours and with various (wood grain) structures. It is easy to work with.



Ceranex is a Nova Lignum product.



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