"Natural fibres can and will play a central role in the transition from a carbon-based economy to an ecologically durable carbohydrate-based economy"

Henry Ford (1863 -1947)

Plantenresten hoogwaardige gevelbekleding

Plant waste as high quality façade cladding

Waste flows from horticulture used as raw materials for the building industry. This sounds like the "circular economy" which we are all looking for. The entrepreneurs behind Nova Lignum have already made this possible. Inspired by other sectors and by creative thinking.

The Groenewegen brothers, complemented by Wilfried Martens and Patrick Franke, are the people who started Nova Lignum. Durable entrepreneurship is in their blood say these "Greenbrothers", as their aubergine nursery is called. Inspired by an inner drive to achieve something special, and to show that this is "naturally" possible, they eventually decided to set up Nova Lignum. 

Triggered by other sectors and by thinking out-of-the-box, they made contact with a new technology where in fact the fibres of the harvested aubergine crop (or other green residual products) were recycled into high quality ecological façade cladding with a long lifespan. Strictly natural products are used in this procedure, which can be described simply as fossilisation. Also very little energy is needed for the production, making the CO2 footprint extremely small.

Aubergine plant fibres, verge grass or pruning waste as building materials; it all sounds too green to be true. But we have big ambitions: In 2025 it will be possible to make all kind of panels and boards with ths technology!



Ceranex is a Nova Lignum product.



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