Ceranex is an entirely new building material

Ceranex is a fiber reinforced ceramic

Ceranex combines the desired attributes of mineral products like fire resistance and compression strength, with the best characteristics of composite wood products having flexural or bending capabilities. They are of various densities, are fire, pest, rot, fungus, UV, weather resistant, and water stable. Ceranex is formulated and engineered to take advantage of a wide range of types and sources of renewable organic plant fiber. The Ceranex products consistently deliver the highest levels of performance for building materials applications.

The ratios of the ingredients within the blends or formulae can vary by design according to the required end product specifications. The ingredients are combined and form a high quality organic fiber building material that requires minimal energy for production. Ceranex is a low carbon footprint building material that is also fully recyclable. Significantly lower amounts of total energy is required in the Ceranex process in contrast with the energy demanding industrial processes for making composite wood, vinyl, or fibercement products.

Literally any renewable plant fibers, as well as select man-made fibers may be utilized in the production of various types of Ceranex. Plant fiber sources can range from wood fiber from sustainable forestry, from industrial wood productions (such as sander dust from panel board plants), and agricultural harvest residues like wheat straw and corn stover. The proprietary Ceranex process is capable of converting these renewable materials into durable, aesthetically pleasing building materials with consistently high performance demanded by architects, designers, developers, builders and building owners.



Ceranex is a Nova Lignum product.



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