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From plant to panel

Strategic merger between IMPACT and Nova Lignum

Plant residue as high quality façade cladding

It nearly sounds too green to be true, but Nova Lignum developed its durable façade cladding just from plant residue. Aubergine fibres, grass from roadside clippings, or wood chips, it all appears to be perfectly suitable as raw materials for Ceranex sidings.

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CERANEX Sidings, the New Standard in Sustainability

The unique product line by Ceranex combines the advantages of wood, fibre cement and plastic.

Using the fibre component of plants and a geopolymer, an unparalleled façade cladding product has been developed with an extremely unique combination of properties.

100% Recyclable
• Only natural raw materials
• No oil related or chemical additives

Extremely Long Life
• Water stable (no shrinkage or expansion)
• Weatherproof, rot proof
• Colour-fast

Easy to Use and Install
• Can be processed as wood

• No silica
• Acid environment resistant
   and non-corrosive on metals

• Extremely fire resistant

Low Co2 footprint

• very energy efficient production process
• recyclable: our sidings can be
   fully recycled after use
• plant fibres are not burnt or composted,
   but are laid down for the long term

Regarding recycling: in the future old Nova Lignum sidings will be taken in, crushed and recycled for the full 100% as raw material.


'With bio-mimicry you get inspiration from nature, which has often already thought up solutions to problems which we still have to discover.'

Our production process can be compared to the fossilisation of old wood in the ground, under the influence of minerals. Nova Lignum copies this process with plant fibres above ground.

Massive quantities of plant residue

Plant residue from greenhouses forms a massive mountain of waste, which is usually composted or burnt. But plant residue also comprises a lot of precious energy and valuable fibres. And that is a perfect raw material! For Nova Lignum this was the starting point for product development which eventually resulted in Ceranex façade cladding.

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Ceranex is a Nova Lignum product.



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